Room for repackaging cosmetics, drugstore produts, pets food and pets care

Room for repackaging and storing cosmetics, drugstore produts, pet food/care :

  • A fume hood enabling to repack products in ultra-clean conditions
  • A preparation area: additional working area for weighing, masking and repackaging operations...
  • Additional storage racks
  • 4 washing machines for laundry detergent and softener tests.

We implement tailor-made solutions for REPACKAGING and/or anonymising your products :

  • Repackaging in neutral packs (dry or wet goods, shampoos, shower gels, cotton pads, tissues, food for cats/dogs...) in compliance with the GHP
  • Masquing products for which no repackaging is possible (tablets of food supplements, aerosol sprays, mascara, swimming-pool accessories...)

Salle sniff test