Sniff tests in a controlled-environment room

A new room for sniff tests equipped with ventilated and computerised individual boxes (2,85m3) for sniff tests in a standardised environment.

  • Tests of fragrances...
  • Tests of home air fresheners, detergents, perfumes...
  • Tests of softeners and laundry detergents including evaluations of the pure product and the wet and dry laundry (standardised washing protocols in washing machines).
  • Tests of textile deodorant, disinfectant (use of bad smells and appreciation of the smell before/after).

The benefit of this type of test lies in :

  • quickly screening various fragrance propositions for our new range of home air fresheners, detergents...
  • selecting a great number of propositions (1 to 5 fragrance propositions) from target consumers during 2 days of field work,
  • selecting the olfactory proposition that captured the greatest number of your future customers.

A sensory panel dedicated to olfactory tests :

  • evaluation of intensity and diffusion on volunteers' skin or at the bottle.
Salle sniff test