Our studies are led by specialists of marketing and sensory studies having a double experience within institutes and companies.


Sabine Kieser

General director and quantitative and sensory studies manager, has a double experience within institutes and companies

Sabine Kieser

9 years’ experience in cosmetics as manager of the Group’s consumers evaluation centre and sensory analysis laboratory within the skin R&D centre at L’Oréal

9 years’ experience within institutes such as BIOFORTIS where:

  • She managed sensory studies for key accounts of the food and perfume industries: Philip Morris, Nestlé, Saint-Gobain, Quest International...
  • She managed a site dedicated to Danone Group: mineral and flavoured waters, biscuits and yoghurts

In 2006 she created the Institut du Goût and Imasens.

Marie claire

Marie-Claire Renard

Marketing and qualitative studies manager, has a double expertise in marketing and sensory studies

Marie-Claire Renard

10 years’ experience within marketing studies institutes (Ipsos) where she managed marketing studies (image assessments, concept and packaging tests...) in France and at the international level in different consumer products industries for key accounts like Lustucru, Candia, BSN, Rians, Knauff, April, Carrefour, Lesaffre, Materne, Vinexpo, Jack Benoit, Buffalo grill, Lactalis, Cemoi, Tropicana…

6 years’ experience as head of the consumers studies group in the R&D department of DANONE Group where she implemented new approaches tailored to product innovation / renovation.

She joined the Institut du Goût in 2012 to develop the offer in qualitative and marketing studies.